This is Stuart Lawson

Stuart Lawson was born in Devon where he showed a talent to entertain from a very early age. Stuart first trod the boards at the tender age of four when he appeared at the Adeline Genee Theatre in a production of 'Yeomen of the Guard'. Thanks to a long family history in musical theatre, he has been involved in theatrical productions for most of his life and has studied alongside some of the most influential directors, writers and actors in the business to date. He has met and worked with well known and up-and-coming actors, both directing and starring alongside them, in a variety of productions for several professional companies.

After college, he went straight into work and landed a 4 month contract for a children's show "The Rangers", produced by Anthony Audenshaw, honing his skills in street theatre, skin work and compere. During his work as a compere he was given the opportunity to become a presenter and interviewer for a variety of programs for TV and Radio. This led to the an interview for the Bigger Breakfast on
Channel 4.

In 2000 he landed the lead role in the short film 'The Fall', financed by Film 4, and has made numerous short films since, mostly playing the lead which have helped him hone his skills making him an experienced actor on film. His first big break came in 2003 being cast in "Closer". Then in 2004 he took a more active role in film production, giving him a bigger insight to the world behind the camera as a writer, editor and in other apsects of film and stage.

In 2008 he produced a documentary for Cornish Television on a dance installation with Angela Praed recreating the Dance marathons (walkathons) held in the 1920's-1930's during the Great Depression. From this success, the crew formed a production company (Blue Slug) and went onto make films, music videos and outsource to other companies including 24 Productions, the BBC and Warner Brothers.

Stuart is well known amongst his peers for his uncanny ability to master accents and impressions.

Stuart is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand and is working on several interesting projects both as an actor and for various charitable organisations.