• Haunted Planet "7 Nights at Birkwood" - Haunted Planet TV : Main Host, TV/Web Series, Glasgow, UK

  • Immaculate - Backyard Theatre : Gabriel - Theatre, Wellington, NZ
  • The Score - V48HoursNZ : Nicky Brick (Lead) - Short Film, Wellington, NZ
  • Tethered - Dan Collins : Richard St. Elms (Lead) - Short Film, Wellington, NZ
  • Girl vs Boy - TV2 : Health Inspector (Speaking) - TV Series, Wellington, NZ
  • Godplex - Darcy Gladwin : Geezer (Supporting) - Feature Film, Queenstown, NZ


  • Pool Player (Extra) in "A Day In The Life" (Feature Film) Director: Alia Miller. Wellington, NZ
  • Stan (lead character) in "Theory of Relativity" (short film) Director: Karishma Goudar. Wellington, NZ
  • Zeke (Supporting Role) in "Morning Light" (TV Pilot) Director: Sebastian Blair. Wellington, NZ
  • Office Worker (Extra) in "The Cure" (Feature Film) Director: David Gould. Wellington, NZ
  • Michael (lead character) in "Expired" (short film) Director: New Zealand Film School. Wellington, NZ
  • Miner 2 (Feat. Extra) in "Gold Gold Gold!" (short film) Director: Pavel Kvatch. Wellington, NZ
  • Trent (lead character) in "Containment" (short film) Director: New Zealand Film School. Wellington, NZ
  • Terry (lead character) in "Expressionless" (short film) Director: New Zealand Film School. Wellington, NZ
  • Shopper/Jogger/Skater (Extra) in "Commercial" (Commercial) Director: Open Polytechnic. Wellington, NZ
  • Cult Follower/DJ (Feat. Extra) in "Godplax" (Feature Film) Director: Team Virtology. Wellington, NZ
  • Will (lead character) in "8 Bomb" (short film) Director: Joe Casalet-Smith
  • Bill (lead character) in "The Banker" (short film) Director: David Tysak - Big Dave Productions
  • Man (lead character) in "Dani" (short film) Director: Joshua Wood
  • Man (lead character) in "Canteen" (short film) Director: James Chisholm
  • Guy (lead character) in "Long Night" (short film) Director: James Pearce - L.I.H Images
  • Sam (lead character) "Crash" (short film) Director: Jie Qin


  • Boyfriend (lead character) "The Surprise" (short film) Director: Mike Shepherd - 137 Films


  • George W. Bush/Soldier in "UK.UNTS/Reality Check" (short film) Director: Amanda Charles - Big Slug Films


  • Knuckles (mob enforcer) in "Private Eye Blues" (short film) Director: Adam Russell - Monkey Boy Films


  • John (Boyfriend in 2-hander) in "A Promise for my Beautiful Reward" Director: Patrick Jackson - Elektrik Zoo


  • Joe (lead character) in "Joe's Late Call" (short Film) Director: Alex Brown, Producer: David Hennessy
  • Security Guard (lead character) in "Closer" (short film) Director: Luke Blair, Producer: Paul Potter


  • Stephen (lead character) in "Jackpot" (short film) Director/Producer: Michael Sellars
  • Jack (lead character) in "Checking In" (short film) Director: Dan Porter, Producer: Andrew Taggart
  • Bernie (sub-mariner) in "Code Name RR II" (short film) Director: Alexis Haggar, Producer: Ella White
  • James (lead character) in "Room 450" (short film) Director: Mike Bell, Producer: Rhian O'Byrne
  • Martin (lead character) in "The Fall" (short film) Director: Ed Horgan, Producer: marie Farquharson
  • Price Rupert in "The Hand of Fate" (short film) Director: Emma Largent, Producer: Ian Futter
  • Actors Company at Thorpe Park (four month contract) Director/Producer: Anthony Audenshaw

College Films / Plays

  • Short Film: Cult Leader in "Cult Viewing"
  • Short Film: Joves (the butler) in "The Pre-Determined Demise of Uncle Monty"
  • Theatre: Mr. Burnham in "Hands Across the Sea"
  • Theatre: Maugrim in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
  • Theatre: Banquo in "Macbeth" (distilled version)
  • Theatre: Harry the Horse in "Guys and Dolls"


  • BTEC Nation Diploma in Performing Arts. Course - Acting for Television at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
  • Four Screencraft Advanced Masterclasses - Director: Nigel Bristow (The Bill, Casualty, Ballykissangel et al)
  • Screen Masterclass - Mark McGann
  • Experienced short film actor, singer, compere (children's theatre), drives, computer skills, swims, skis, ice scates, cycles, disco dancing, moves well, accents, elephant rider