31 Oct 2012

When arriving into the world of Twitter in 2009, one of the first followers that Stuart started tweeting was an independent film maker on a crowd funding mission to make a new brand of Zombie cinematic feature film "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead".

During the 3 year voyage, AD Lane of @indywoodFILMS would raise funds with "tweetathons" giving those that donated to the project a chance to be producers from just £5 and receive a perks package. A twitter-friendship grew to the inevitable point where a real life meeting had to happen sometime. On his return to the UK from working in New Zealand, Stuart and AD met up in London for a real-time catch up.

A fantastic day filled with laughs, reminiscing and future outlooks were had by everyone. After the revelation of how long they had both been following and supporting each other, Antony (AD Lane) invited Stuart along to the final tweetathon film fundraiser being held over Halloween. After an arduous journey by train to arrive in Kent, Stuart joined the amazing cast and crew at Indywood HQ experiencing a fantastic event raising nearly £5000 toward the making of "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead".

Commenting on the night and the 3 year shared adventure, Stuart said: "It was a great honour to be there from the first till the last.